Web design

This is our process #4D

1. Discover

Hello. In this phase you do your best to explain your business goals and what you want to achieve with your new website. Then we gather information about your industry and competitors in order to do the best job possible. Now is also a good time to acquire domain and hosting.

2. Design

Second phase, AKA the really fun part, starts with sketching out our ideas until we hear "okay I like this!" from you, then we further improve on that concept and revise until you're 100% happy with the design of your website. Please understand that after this point major design changes are time-consuming and thus costly.

3. Develop

We like to call this "the Matrix phase" (no we don't I just made that up), lots of coding and coffee involved. We build all of our websites using the megapopular Wordpress CMS so you can update it yourself! Neat isn't it.

4. Deploy

After finishing your shiny new website we iron out the kinks and make small changes here and there if necessary. Then we put the website online and celebrate! Or just go outside, replenish our vitamin D levels...

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